Вахтовый автобус на шасси КАМАЗ
Автофургон на шасси ГАЗ
Передвижная лаборатория контроля состояния трубопроводов на шасси Камаз
Автофургон на шасси УРАЛ
Передвижной склад взрывчатых материалов на шасси Камаз- 43118
Передвижная электротехническая лаборатория ППУ на шасси Камаз
Линейная машина ЛМ-1 на шасси Камаз
Mersedes Unimog, Лаборатория связи

"Avtofurgon" LLC - production of machinery GAZ, KAMAZ, IVECO, URAL

«Avtofurgon» LLC was established in 2005 on its own areas in Kozlovka town. Our company has kept the specifics of the main production and has been manufacturing machinery GAZ, KAMAZ, URAL, Kraz of different purpose for consumers in variety of industries and variety of climatic conditions. With a help of qualified engineers and staff who possess advanced technology, our company has the ability to develop and put into production a fundamentally new trucks, based on individual customer requirements. All our products are made according to the customer's requirements and meet the state standards. 
On the basis of our body can be created various configurations: car-van (van), autolaboratory (mobile laboratory) mobile workshop, cars for transportation and storage of explosive materials, crew bus.

автофургон лаборатория для исследований скважин на шасси ГАЗ -33081автомобиль-фургон склад для перевозки и хранения вв взрывчатых веществВахтовый автобус на шасси КАМАЗ- 43114,43118,4326.

Передвижная лаборатория контроля качества сварки ЛККС на шасси Урал-4320,КамаЗ-43114,43118,4326. спецтехника УРАЛспецтехника КАМАЗ Автомобиль для охоты и рыбалки (Охотник) на шасси камаз-43114,43118,4326передвижная мастерская Передвижная столовая на шасси камаз-43114,43118,4326.

Box trailer is a closed-box, mounted on the chassis of GAZ, KAMAZ, KRAZ, URAL. Body (van) of frameless design consists of a base, two sides, front and rear panels, roofs with bevels or without them. The panels consist of an outer cladding (aluminum, plastic, metal), filler (polystyrene, PS 60), the inner liner (chipboard, plywood, MDF, plastic).
In order to create in trucks optimal working conditions heaters Webasto, or IA-65 are installed, which are capable to maintain the temperature inside the body + 20 ° C at an ambient temperature of -50 ° C, which makes it possible to operate machinery in harsh climatic conditions. At the customer’s request installed air air conditioner can be installed.
The advantages of our machinery GAZ, KAMAZ, KRAZ, URAL are excellent quality, reasonable price, short production time, simplicity and reliability in operation.